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They both shared a love for video games and posed for many an adorable social media picture together.However, the relationship was not destined to last.Whether it's their reputation for being Disney channel wunderkinds, their banter on social media, or just for debatably being the cutest identical twin celebrities since the Olsen era, the Sprouse twins Cole and Dylan have dominated the spotlight for the better part of the new millennium.Though occasionally ducking out of the limelight - for example, both boys completed undergraduate degrees (in video game design and archaeology respectively, both from NYU, both with honors) - the brothers are back in action on the small and silver screens, with Cole starring as Jughead in the Netflix (to be released this year).It's generally thought that the two brothers side-stepped the common curse of the child star - whether it's rebelling against Hollywood, turning to partying or substances, or a brush with the law.

Dylan Sprouse went on Northern Runes Radio to discuss his belief in Asatru, an historically controversial religion that is based on Northern European Gods.And that is all." Cole has recently spoken out about his struggles with mental illness in a sit-down interview with Duan Mackenzie (who is coincidentally enough, a close friend of Dylan's ex, Dayna Frazer).He claims that his interest in photography started from his battle with depression, as a way of coping and finding an outlet for the sadness.Asatru is essentially a dressed up term for modern day heathenry in the United States - it's also known interchangeably as Odinism.Though the movement technically spans the political spectrum, there is a trend to accumulate followers on the political far right - including white supremacists.

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