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Though this might keep nosy fans from knowing if anyone fell in love on set, it also makes it difficult to have a real relationship.

Dern admitted it was six months before he was able to see his on-screen paramour Jennylee Berns (above right).

They find themselves liking these men for who they are, helping them penetrate the social boundaries that have hindered them for years.

The Australian version comes out a little cleaner and more polished, whereas the US version is more rough around the edges.

Without question, the Australians are much more friendly and closer bonding than Americans, (and I found that very interesting.) I had always heard Aussies are very friendly, and the contrast between the two versions definitely bears that out.

Touted as a social experiment rather than a run-of-the-mill reality show, it brought together polar opposites — the geekiest, most socially awkward men casting directors could find and seemingly shallow bombshells — and forced them to work together to complete challenges.

To make sure there are no leaks about who gets eliminated, contestants are sent back to a hotel when they're voted off.

They must remain there, with limited human contact, until filming wraps.

They were more concerned with Storkey's interests than his past relationships. Nate Dern, who appeared on Season 3 of the CW series, told UCB Comedy it was a "crazy experience" because contestants weren't allowed to "talk to [their' friends," "look at the internet," or "read a newspaper." "I've never been to prison, but it might be a little bit like that," Dern said.

In an interview with , Season 3 contestant Niels Hoven claimed cast members were sequestered in a hotel with very little outside interaction the week before filming.

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    Taylor has been accused of lying about whether she gave permission for her name to be included in the lyrics, and as the media furore surrounding the trio continues, actress Camilla Belle seemed to want to get in on the action.

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