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She is oblivious to Ross's double until the episode's end. It wasn't long after this that Rachel ended up with Ross. How promising is a relationship when you fog them via bug bomb upon meeting them?That should've been Rachel's first sign to not pursue something with Danny (George Young Newbern), nicknamed "The Yeti" because of his hairy look upon returning from a months-long trek in the Andes.

Kash reacts awkwardly, and it ends their very brief relationship.Rachel impulsively hires the unqualified Tag (Eddie Cahill) for his looks to be her new assistant and begins a relationship with him.Tag is a few years younger than she; her relationship with him is practically an attempt on her part to relive her youth.Their relationship only lasts a few episodes, ending when Rachel finds Danny's close relationship with his sister disturbing. Tommy's temper flares easily, which is something only Ross realizes until the episode's end when Tommy is caught by the rest of the gang and Rachel declares it over between them.The episode doesn't focus much on Tommy's relationship with Rachel, but they appear casual, in no way headed for anything serious.

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