Jill scott and lamman rucker dating 2016

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Even as newlyweds, I self-discovered some personal traits that I saw on the screen, in my newly found marriage, either with myself, my husband or both of us, that I didnt like with them and need to reconsider with myself. It tells the story of four couples, each with their own marital problems. A movie for couples who are able to talk in their marriage and about their marriage.

There is some frank talk about sex that’s not appropriate for small children, but I think if OK for young teenagers.It’s a very intense drama with many positive references to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as well as Christian themes. —As a Christian in today’s society who tends to seek out positive, inspirational films, I was very disappointed after viewing this one.Among the nice character developments in the film are when Sheila (Jill Scott) after being maltreated and abandoned by her adulterous husband, begins to see herself in a positive light thanks to the wonderful treatment she receives from Sheriff Troy (Lamman Rucker). In the first 30 minutes of the movie, both my husband and I were appalled by the amount of profanity that was used.Jones), unaware of the fact that he is sleeping with Sheila’s friend Trina (Denise Boutte); Patricia (Janet Jackson) and Gavin (Gavin) are considered the perfect couple as Patricia was the one who organized the annual event, but suffers from her own setback when their son was recently killed in a car accident.They are joined by the quiet town’s sole sheriff Troy (Lamman Rucker), who helps out Sheila when her husband Mike makes her drive instead of flying with him an Sheila is the only one in the group with a relation and understanding of God’s love, and displays this affection many times in the film.

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