Javascript validating username and password with database

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The Complete Login and Registration Application using PHP can be found here.

This PHP login form using My SQL database connections contains PHP 7.0 methods only.

This PHP login application uses database to store user information and all the input parameters are validated with javascript.

Comments have been added for easy understanding, especially to help newbies. If you are looking for the registration example, follow this link.

Having said that, adding features that are helpful is desirable.

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I am new to development and need your support to learn this.

Example 7-7 shows how the browser application name and version can be detected with both Java Script and PHP.

The output of the script rendered in a Netscape browser is shown in Figure 7-5.

The short examples in this section implement common Java Script web database features, and we recommend that Java Script be used only for these simple manipulations and the basic validation tasks.

Using Java Script for more complex tasks may reveal annoying differences between browser applications, browser versions, and different platforms.

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