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could I please wire the difference to the shipper so they could get started.I was totally suspicious but when the check cleared I was more convinced that it was an honest error.he was was insistent that he wanted me to pay over a wire transfer, I refused and he stated that he would send I received this message Message Details: Name Jenette C Email [email protected] order Message Hello, I want to order from you company to my store in Poland , And do you accept credit card as form of payment? We're ready and can't wait to receive these wonderful products of yours here.i will be waiting to read back from you at your earliest convenience. Your utmost reply back with the total quote will be highly appreciated.Once I have these details, I will get back to you with my credit card details immediately for payment. Her so called shipping company sent a quote for the shipment and I forwarded it back to her. HO10 C Jenette PM (2 minutes ago) to me Hello, Thanks for your response, i appreciate your quick response, Please i want you to add the Standard Shipment cost to the total cost of my order and let me know the total cost, Because, i just got a response from my shipping Agent that He cannot receive payment via credit or debit card from me at the moment due to some circumstance beyond their control.

I advised Mc Laren to send me an invoice and that we would pay the invoice. I want to order for the below items for my customer's here, I want you to reply back with the total cost plus shipping quote.

I'm guessing that this leads to some kind of shipping scam so beware of emails or inquires from the guy. Wise sent us an email that he wanted to buy a monument and have it shipped to Israel, we told him we could do it, he did provided the name of the shipping company that he wanted us to use which was Port City Cargo and Shipping and provide a contact name of John Mclaren.

We got the shipping weight and responded to Wise thinking this was a legitimate purchase. Wise provided the name of the deceased person, which turned out to be fake after we did an internet search on the deceased person) We provide Mr.

We started to get suspicious at this point that it might not be a legitimate situation, so we tried to contact the shipping company that he provided and they want us to rush payment of 00. At this point we did an internet search of the shipping company and found out at this point that the shipping company and Mr.

Wise are fake and it appears as if they are conspiring to scam people as they attempted to have us wire transfer the money for the shipping amount of 00.00 to an international location.

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