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Sadly, however, emotional people have the hardest time identifying, deciphering and living with the truth because their emotions don’t let them, and this doesn’t bode well for Vienna.Listen to the way Vienna answers host Chris Harrison’s question, “What was it like at home?As I see it, there are three types of people when it comes to processing information. There are those who run strictly on logic, and then there are those who run with a combination of both.

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We must keep in mind, however, that this imbroglio was surely edited heavily, so we aren’t seeing the entire argument as it happened, but we can rely on what we hear Jake and Vienna say.

"Twice the blessing, twice the fun," is written on the picture of her ultrasound.

That's a good attitude to have, because having twins also means She's previously stated that she doesn't watch reality television anymore -- because she knows that it's not especially real. What remains to be seen is how much growth she's had since she was the whiny and emotional trainwreck we all knew and tolerated.

So it's really for the best that they didn't stick together.

Vienna hasn't been especially visible over the last few years, aside from a few relationships and a dramatic stint on a relationship rehab show.

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