Itemupdating event fires twice

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It appears as though they are firing twice in this situation because Share Point is updating the properties on the document and then checking it in on the same request.

If you were to check the document out and edit the properties on the document, you would see the Item Updating and Item Updated events fire once.

Is there a difference between a workflow which fires the event, or a user who fires the event?

You can add hidden field to the list which is always sets by workflow (and only by workflow).

By ensuring only one Auto Event Wireup="true" exists, the events were fired only once!

Thanks Mine was a little different, but this pointed me in the right direction - thanks!! NET: I had the On Click="btn Test_Click" on the asp page and Handles btn Test.

I don't see a "Stop Other Worflows" action in Share Point Designer.

Vladbath: Custom code is allowed in infopath forms services. It is my hope that the next version of Info Path/Info Path Services will have better support for Share Point's web services which would obviate this problem.

You will want to set your infopath form as "full trust" and attach a certificate to it. Then you will need to publish the form and activate it so your document libraries can use it.

This happens only at the time of uploading file in to library.

I have explained the scenario below So, the custom event fires twice only at the time of uploading file into library.

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