Israeli girls dating arabs

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"His mum was screaming and crying and cursing the army and the Israelis and the Jews and everyone and I was standing there like 'I don't know what to do.' On the one hand, I wanted to show her that I care.On the other, does she now want an Israeli Jew to put her arm around her?But I did."History of mixed marriages Although Israel's religious nationalists have only recently spoken against such relationships, they are far from new.Jews and Arabs have been falling in love in Palestine for as long as both have been there.Jews give Muslims key to their synagogue after US mosque set ablaze “Lehava operates within the limits of law only,” he said.“It’s all nonsense.” The court put Gopstein under house arrest, while the remand of two others was extended by two days."I think that my aunt and uncle know that there is someone ... But it's more about my grandmother and her sisters and the older generation.It's like if [I] were to bring home a mass murderer."She laughs nervously and continues."It just doesn't happen.

They liked him and my mum said he seemed like an amazing guy."Still, Rona's mother insisted that she not put herself "in that kind of a situation".Arrests and searches for evidence were carried out simultaneously at addresses in Jerusalem, northern and southern Israel and in Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank, police said.Israel Arabs and Jews protest house demolitions “Fifteen suspects known to the police as active in the Lehava organisation were arrested or detained for questioning during the night as part of a police investigation on suspicion that they acted to locate and threaten (Arab) minority members with connections to Jewish young women or girls,” a police statement said.Police said they were influenced by a Lehava video.Gopstein was also questioned by police in 2015 after he condoned torching churches in Israel, in accordance with a mediaeval Jewish commandment to destroy places of idol-worship.

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