Is michael cera still dating charlyne yi

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Maybe he has other plans for his future or maybe there’s just no spark in their relationship anymore (which I highly doubt because they have been together a lot since both of them starred in the film paper heart)Still, the Yi-Cera relationship gave the sweatpants community of geek girls hope that their precious wit and song writing skills were enough to keep a sensitive young man away the dopey taneroxic starlets of Hollywood. As a whip-smart commenter pointed out a love-affair with between Yi and Cera would have been like a “gummi bear getting it on with the Velveteen Rabbit.” We speculated that a boy with Cera’s sexual persona may in fact not have genitals, just a rainbow colored fleshy patch that sparkles when excited.

If this is true, which is likely, then could Cera and Yi ever really have dated?

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Yi admits she may have played some part in propagating the rumour that they were together -- including telling Entertainment Weekly at Paper Heart's Sundance Festival debut that she and Michael had broken up.

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