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It wasn't like I was a kid going, "When I grow up, I want to be an actor." So I think what drives me is I found something very young by mistake that I could do. What makes acting difficult is the business end of it.But that doesn't necessarily mean I love it all the time. The process of acting itself for me is really simple. You take the character, and you play it as naturally as you possibly can. Because no matter how genius an actor is or how many millions of dollars he makes, he can look back in his past and see a sea of rejection--even the people who are at the top of their game.That's why I do different roles so people can see your range. I'm sure a lot of actors are like 'Oh no, I'm not vain I just look fabulous everyday'. Its all very carefully manipulated, and I've met and worked with some of the most beautiful actors in the world and then you see them on a cover of a magazine they don't look like that, any of them, they just don't. (2001) I'd love to do a big blockbuster action film, it'd be great, can you imagine? I'd love to do a huge big 'Mike and Jerry' type film.(When he first realized he wanted to be an actor full-time) I think when I went on to the set of Michael Collins which was the second film that I shot. (On if he saw similarities between him and Elvis Presley) Yeah, of course. We were very, very different in the way we dressed, in the way we looked. They're really great but I don't think Micheal Bay or Jerry Bruckheimer think too fondly of me.I had to make his intellect bigger than anybody else's.

You have to forgo relationships because they don't work, which I've learnt to my detriment. I auditioned for Tigerland and I was furious when I found out that Colin (Farrell) was doing it.

He traveled to Dublin to meet with director Neil Jordan and successfully won the role of Collins's assassin.

Jordan wrote about his meeting with the actor, "I have found someone to play Collin's (sic) killer.

I still suffer from insecurity and that situation would make it worse. I'm going to try and not take it too seriously because, if I do, I would really wreck my head. At some point in your career as an actor you're going to have to get on a Stairmaster. If you want to be at the top of your game, you can't be out partying with your friends, or having six pints a night down the pub.

When somebody looks at the body of work that I've done and they put Bend It like Beckham, Match Point, August Rush, The Tudor's and Elvis next to each other they can see very many different layers of what I can do as an actor. Any actor who sits down in front of you and tells you they're not vain its bullshit. If you're playing someone like Elvis Presley, the Elvis Presley that I know from reading and researching, you do it from the heart. It was very, very hard, having to pretend to be Elvis Presley, because I'm an actor doing it, but unless you wake up every morning being Elvis Presley, you really don't know what that feels like.

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