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Mc Kay, who had been divorced since 2013, could deliver. “I was working at home doing consulting, and it was manageable and my kids were all doing great after a lot of years of adjustment and healing,” she said. “He’s mellow, he’s very intelligent, he’s a family man, and he’s trustworthy,” she said. “I was in a good, easy, relaxed place.”But that first date with Mr. This is where Sanford now resides with her four sons.

They were initiated to each other by the college’s president and mutual friend, George Benson.Boardman is the proprietor and president of the real estate holdings firm, Augusta Capital.Before, he was the chief executive of a handiness store and truck stop retail chain.“I wanted her to experience what it was like to have someone love you unconditionally. I don’t think she had ever experienced that.”She was sure Mr. Mc Kay, who left with a kiss and vague murmurings about keeping in touch, didn’t pick up that signal.“I thought there was a connection, but I wasn’t sure she felt the same,” he said. “She was described to me as a very smart, fast-talking girl, and she lived up to that.

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