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Or anyone who wants a quick fix, or doesn’t want to think about what they really want and is adamant that they can’t and won’t write! By the end of the day they will have: I will be working with participants on crafting their written profiles, challenging them and coaching them, whilst Saskia works her magic with her camera capturing some great portraits throughout the day. You offer 1-2-1 sessions via Skype or Face Time, does this mean that participants can be located anywhere? So for those who don’t want to come to the workshop I’m offering the same programme one to one online and via Skype/Face Time.

That means that participants can live anywhere in the world!

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I didn’t want an inbox filled with guys that hadn’t really read my profile but were just copy and pasting the same email to 100s of women!

So many profiles look exactly the same, a list of things people like doing, adjectives to make them look interesting, activities they take part in and then a list of requirements of the person they are looking for….it’s like a great long shopping list! In one of my dating profiles I could have said – I get on well with my almost grown up children, I am open minded, I like travel to hot countries, sitting in the sunshine, good food and wine.

I’m a writer, I have a sense of humour……now how much better does this sound and yet shows rather than tells exactly the same?

It was a risk and I was prepared to take it….worked!

So fast forward a few years and following on from my involvement as a judge for the UK Dating Awards and having coached people who were dating once more in midlife I realised that if my profile had worked then it would also work for others. There are 7 steps in the programme: Step 1: Identifying Creating 3 Personas Usernames Step 2: Crafting a Headline Step 3: Writing The Profile Summaries Step 4: The Five Things I Could Not Do Without Step 5: What I’m Looking For Step 6: The Power of the Image Step 7: The Optional Important Stuff There are a couple of ways that the programme will be run – one-to-one and as a workshop. Do you have a vision of a typical programme participant?

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