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The ones I mention below cost a few bucks, but it’s well worth it because the free ones are terrible.

Note: If you have a stand-alone camera or IP camera, there may already be an app built specifically for it, so check those out first as a native app will always work better.

When I need to do something in another part of the house, it’s a real pain having to stop what I’m doing and go check to make sure my daughter is not about to dive off the bed. What I also realized is that most of them don’t work very well.If you want, you can also remotely access it, but that requires extra configuration of your router, etc., which I didn’t do.If you click on Options, you can enable night vision, configure remote access, setup the listening port, setup recording, motion detection, email notifications and more.When I moved it to better quality, the image got better and the delay became even worse!I thought it had something to do with the computer or my Wifi network, but when I installed the other two apps I am about to mention, the video quality was much better and the delay was usually under a second.

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