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Crompton and Cartwright were granted substantial payments by acts of Parliament (5,000 and 10,000 respectively), Whitney made money through arms sales to the U. government, and of the lot, only Arkwright earned significant wealth, half a million pounds, after his patents stopped being honored by other manufacturers.Invention and information goods fare poorly in economic systems.The "market" doesn't care about individuals like Koch, and he chose to continue despite his efforts not being reciprocated/acknowledged.I'd like to say that Koch should have abandoned the project, and if the market saw that maintenance/development of GPG was important, it would have happened.Calling Gnu PG "email encryption software" really understates its importance.It's also used in countless applications to encrypt data at rest, and GPG signatures are used to secure the distribution of software.I'm really glad Pro Publica picked it up, but I also think we need to change to way we think about critical software like GPG. If not even the most technical people (that actually know what GPG and openssl are without looking it up) don't hear about this, how are regular people going to find out where to throw their donations at? I'm going to send this guy 0 and consider it a license fee, because he deserves it.

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I wonder if it all really comes down to "Really I am better at programming than this business stuff." or if there is some unstated dogmatism that gets in the way.Meanwhile, since our story was posted, donations flooded Werner's website donation page and he reached his funding goal of 7,000.In addition, Facebook and the online payment processor Stripe each pledged to donate ,000 a year to Kochs project.The address is not generated per user, and is dedicated to Gnu PG.[1] https:// Ua8Bv Ufzk...Given the general scarcity of talent in the business, it should really be trivial for a high end IT security consultancy to pay Werner a 3000/month (ie.

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