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Doing this each morning will help you stay focused and motivated.Step 2: Break the goal down Once you have your goal break it down into smaller steps that will lead you to that larger goal.

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Step 1: Get clear on your goals If you were to improve your social skills through coaching, what would that look like?

Step 6: Boost your confidence Negative self-talk (“I suck at this…” “If I talk to that person I’ll just be bothering them…”) will make this process an uphill battle.

To turn this around you can use a technique commonly taught by social skills coaches of asking empowering questions. ” Questions like these keep your brain focused on more positive thoughts and beliefs, which will put you in a more positive state.

Social skills coaching can improve almost every area of your life.

It will help you expand your social circle, network more effectively and even find that perfect girl.

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