How old was bow wow when he was dating ciara K9cam chat

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So this album is not only for my fans, but for real rap heads.I'm talking about things, when people hear this record they gonna be like, 'Sh--, I know he didn't just say that!In particular, the junior rhyme-spitter noted a track called "System," on which he admits to having difficulties getting past a relationship with a girl he once dated.Bow was careful never to reveal her name, but a sly smile crossed his face when Ciara was brought up as the likely subject.

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Bow Wow took to body-shaming after Wendy Williams called him out on her show for dissing his ex-girlfriend Ciara at a concert. Either way, Williams did not care for his use of the b-word to describe his ex -- the couple dated from 2004 to 2006 -- and, as she does, put it out there as plain as day. "But to be shirtless in a club, calling her a b***h, you are so wrong for that." She then did take a jab at Bow Wow's height, saying that he was standing on his tip-toes in an old picture of him with Ciara (he was), which was stooping to personal attacks.And of course, everyone is waiting to see how Williams responds on her show, because you just know she will!I'm convinced Bow Wow is doing things just to get dragged on the internet & keep his name in the public.I was engaged to Ciara and I was engaged to Erica [Mena].” While he did not elaborate on how he proposed to Ciara, Bow Wow did express regret for messing up his previous engagements with both women. “You know I let things in the past that I know was wrong affect my engagement. “Other than that, me and Erica would still be together.

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