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Sounds like there are some unresolved tensions worth writing a pop hit about.

Perry and Bloom are engaged to be married, and it's nice.

Travie revealed that Katy ended things with him via email (ouch) but blamed his drug use as the reason for their breakup. She knew when I was f*cked up," he said during a Behind the Music special in 2012. As things started taking off for her, the more I started to doubt my role in her life.

Infectious vocals plus heartfelt lyrics about love and loss and sex and obsession that never take themselves too seriously. But song craft aside, which of her wildly famous ex boyfriends she singing about? / We had conversations 'bout forever/ Now it's 'bout the weather‚ okay." An excellent use of rhyme, and also, is this song about Russell Brand or what?

Perry has snagged some of Hollywood’s hottest bachelors – and even some of its bad boys as well.

Frankly, given that Perry moved from her tumultuous relationship with Russell Brand onto music’s notorious heartthrob, John Mayer, I just want to see the woman in a happy relationship.

See, "Small Talk" is specific, and also genuinely rather sad. Perry's confessions continue: "And I just can't believe/ We went from strangers to lovers to strangers in a lifetime... The most compelling details arrive in verse two: "Isn't it wild that I know your weakness?

She's fully admitted that her heartwrenching "The One That Got Away" was written about him, but does she still regret their friendzone status almost a decade later? Like many seemingly misguided women of Hollywood before and after her, Perry had a John Mayer phase. This, sadly, makes him more than qualified to star in "Small Talk," especially as he's still on the circuit a few years later and Perry would definitely still see him around.Riff Raff was Perry's rebound from Mayer, and they cosplayed as a denim-clad Justin and Britney at the 2014 VMAs."Small Talk" simply cannot be about Riff Raff, but it's fun to revisit a (perhaps rightfully) forgotten moment in pop culture history, no?They were even spotted hanging out post-breakup at an Ed Sheeran concert.After a brief break up the couple go back together. Bloom popped the question with a flower-shaped ring with a big red stone in the middle surrounded by diamonds.

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