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I’d love to be able to say that Sir Paul has played this particular specimen but unfortunately, that’s most unlikely as it’s a right-hander.Sadly I don’t have any other information about who has graced her slender, woody neck.Of collector interest is probably also the fact that it came with its original Selmer case, which given its age, is in fantastic condition. As I’ve only had the bass for such a short time, there’s not really much to tell that’s of any interest.Probably the most extraordinary thing about it is that I didn’t have to pay a single cent for it as my family and friends all contributed on account of it being for a milestone birthday.Mc Cartney used his 1963 bass almost exclusively during The Beatles’ touring career, using his 1961 bass (which was repaired and refinished in 1964) as a backup.

Each has its tone and its place – but that said, there is something magical about the Höfner violin bass. Would love to experiment with it live, but kind of scared to take it out of the studio.

The bass version of the Hofner Club Semi Acoustic guitars (Model 125/126/128). Produced between late 19, but Hofner have recently been marketing a re-issue.

Produced from around 1960 through to 1964 as a single pickup version of Hofner's longer lasting 500/5 model which is described below.

During the shooting, however, the 1961 bass was stolen, and Mc Cartney used his newer Höfner for the remainder of the film, including the famous rooftop performance.

Mc Cartney has continued to use his 1963 Höfner extensively throughout his solo career and continues to use it today.

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