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The guest operating system devices’ life-cycle optionally might be managed along with the VM.For example, the guest operating system device is set to a decommissioned production state when the VM is stopped, and the guest operating system device is deleted when the VM is destroyed.A VDI sources will not look any different from a regular VMs.The features added by this Zen Pack can be summarized as follows. The following components will be automatically discovered through the v Center address, username and password you provide.Alternatively you can use zenbatchload to add v Sphere endpoints from the command line.To do this, you must create a file with contents similar to the following.

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This Zen Pack supersedes an earlier Zen Pack named When monitoring v Center with this zenpack, it is important to also verify the version of ESX/ESXi installed on the hosts it manages.Replace all values in angle brackets with your values minus the brackets.Multiple endpoints can be added under the same If you are using VMWare NSX to provide software defined networking functionality in your v Sphere environment, each of your ESX hosts must be properly prepared and configured, in order to utilize NSX.For example, a datacenter failure will imply that all related hosts are also failed.In some cases this is not appropriate and custom policies are used.

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