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However, the vast majority of us do not fall into this category, so things then become a little complicated.

Contrary to popular belief, many women appreciate a man who does not go round chatting to every person he sees.

Think of it in a work scenario, once you're talking about the ins and outs of your job you get into a comfort zone, thats where u want to be when you're talking to someone.

To answer your original question I would say no it is not but that some level of confidence is a turn-on Good luck If someone is interested it doesn't really matter if a person is shy or quiet IMO.

I would be a quiet guy in real life myself and if someone isn't interested just because of that then I'm not going to try and change my personality just to suit them.

I don't think so, I think there's a lot more going on when you're attracted to someone, it doesn't just come down to being attracted (or not) to a trait like shyness.

So it is not really a question if being shy is a turn off for women (it isn't), more that as a general rule, women will usually meet more confident, brash, outgoing individuals, simply because they will talk to more people than the shy men will.


So, a shy guy may have more difficulty 'pulling', but it's not because women are turned off by his shyness.

You gotta switch from worrying about what the women think of you and just focus on your own good time with your mates, don't care as much, see what your friends do and try pick up a few things.

Don't stand in the background looking on, it's a social night out, people want you to get involved!

OP, I would consider myself quite shy and always have to force myself to talk to others.

If you were to ask anyone though they would say I'm very outgoing.

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