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The movie also stars Katherine Moennig (Ray Donovan) and Griffin Dunne (After Hours, An American Werewolf in London) and hits theaters and VOD this Friday, November 4th. They love the movie and I swear, they have watched it at least once a month for the past 2 years. CS: They are very comfortable in their masculinity. I thought that was so cute because I don’t think any kid has ever asked me for my autograph. Recently, I just got into writing and directing so that was really exciting because it was a new way for me to say what it is I wanted to say. The movie is called Half Magic and I hope I get to make more. When I was a kid I took piano and guitar and tried to sing. I think acting is just a different language you use to communicate. We had the chance to chat with Graham yesterday — on Halloween, appropriately — to discuss her craft, her dabbling in directing and her favorite horror movie of all time. Most of my movies aren’t for little kids, you know…CS: This is true. CS: In My Dead Boyfriend, you end up joining a rock band and pound a mean bass. But I realized that I don’t think I have the natural talent for that. CS: Don’t you think that performing, that acting is in a way musical? well, music is expression and it makes a huge difference when you put it over a scene. Some people write or paint or make movies or do music…CS: My Dead Boyfriend is based on a book. Well, I vividly remember the first time I saw Wes Craven’s original A Nightmare on Elm Street. The lovely Heather Graham has grown up in the public eye, having come of age in such teen-fodder fare as TV’s Growing Pains and the Corey Haim/Corey Feldman vehicle License to Drive.Almost immediately after these high-profile appearances, she was dragged into more serious, edgy arthouse adult fare like Gus Van Sant’s harrowing Drugstore Cowboy, the second season of Twin Peaks (and David Lynch’s spin-off film, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me), Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights and The Hughes Brothers’ woefully underrated From Hell. Is that something you’ve always been into or did Amy’s style rub off on you? You should have seen me before—I made Johnny Depp look conservative. Glamour: Has Amy ever bought you a hat or have you ever bought her a hat? "Glamour: How soon after did you find out you got the part? Glamour: The hat you're wearing right now is very stylish. I can imagine that he must have had great empathy and understanding when it came to handling his actors. You know, I had never met him before this and I thought he was going to be just like his character in ER. I kind of just like walking the streets and see what people are wearing and to see how creative they get. With hours to go until Netflix drops the much-anticipated revival, Patterson shouldn't be shocked about anything. Maybe Sally Struthers because Sally Struthers comes on set and is just a comedy show.

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Glamour: Lauren and Alexis admitted to us that they met for the first time at the hotel in Canada where you all were getting together for a first cast dinner. Scott: I came into Canada, and the airline had lost my luggage. I had prepared one scene, but I was supposed to have prepared two. Coming Soon.net: This might surprise you, but despite what I do, the Heather Graham movie I spin most in my house is not From Hell or Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, rather it’s Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer…Heather Graham: Oh my God. And this begs the question: what is a Heather Graham role? I did take bass lessons for the movie and I think I can play a little. But some people have that sort of talent naturally. Did you get a long leash to create your own version of Mary or is she chained to the text? Graham: I did read the book and it was interesting. I always wore…well, for that, I wore a pair of baggy, brown denim pants with a black belt with a silver buckle, but kind of worn and distressed. " I looked at my sides, and the other scene said "Duke." I said, "There’s a typo! " They said, "Sorry, our bad, can you go prepare the scene right now and come back and go do it? Scott: No, but I’ve purchased things for her of greater value.

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