Gwen stefani and pharrell dating

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When Gwen Stefani's forced to choose, she picks Pharrell over her husband. part two (see "Gwen Stefani Plans Another Solo Album By Year's End").

Sorry, Gavin, but that's just how much Gwen's solo career is taking off right now. The only problem was that he convinced her during the only free time she would have to spend chilling with her husband before she needed to start preparing to launch her first New York fashion show and first solo tour this fall.

"It's just very fresh, almost like, 'What is this music and why am I doing it? "I love that song, it's a sick song, it's a song I always needed to have," Stefani said, "but people are trying to post the lyrics, and they're so getting the lyrics so wrong.

I'm so proud of them, because it's so exactly like growing up in Orange County and how I got to this point.

They've been inseparable for three the 42-year-old country star couldn't say enough about his rocker girlfriend, 49, when he appeared on the Today show to promote his Hallmark Christmas film.

Gwen Stefani looked to be adding to her already packed schedule as she headed into the recording studio in Los Angeles.

" 'On the one break that I might have to hang out with Gavin, to hang out with you for 10 days and write songs again? Gwen is like the girl in high school who had her own style.

' But it's such an opportunity to work with him, so I did it." "I think me and Gwen are like the same people," Pharrell said. Everyone went to high school with that girl, and she's cute with it.

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"They sound hot." "The more recent ones sound even more severe to the left," Stefani said. A lot of my inspirations are these songs [that] are his inspirations, like this thing that's going down in Texas. I never heard of that before." Pharrell wasn't the only one contributing to Stefani's new songs — her mom (inadvertently) makes a contribution to "Orange County Girl," which Stefani didn't even realize until she was reading her band's Web site and checking out what people posted about the song.

And reading them, someone had posted that I had copied what my mom said on 'Oprah.' My mom got asked something and she said, 'My daughter Gwen is just an ordinary girl in an extraordinary world.' And I went, 'She's right!

' So I e-mailed my mom, 'I copied your lyrics, you need credit.' " While Stefani doesn't have a release date in mind yet for her follow-up, she figures she'll have to shoot the video and artwork while she's on tour if she wants it to be out by early next year.

10 pictures inside of Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton stepping out for the premiere…

co-host Gwen Stefani's possible romance, especially after E!

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