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Next time you have a dream like this, ask yourself why the person is chasing you.Could this be related to something that scares or stresses you out from day-to-day?Dreaming of an ex-partner can make you feel really guilty, especially if you wake up lying next to someone else.The first thing many people think when they’ve had a dream like this is that on some inner level, they’re still hung up on the person in question. Often when a relationship ends messily, it’s tempting to completely shut the person out of your mind and erase all traces of them from your life.Dreaming of having sex with the postman or a friend’s husband can leave you flustered and confused, especially if you’ve genuinely never thought of them in that way.It’s tempting to start thinking that maybe you harbour secret feelings which you weren’t aware of, but before you go declaring your love, there could be another explanation.

Obstacles such as trees or mountains that get in your way represent particular people holding you back so next time you go crashing into a branch, think of it as a confrontation with someone and work out how to progress past them.Something as simple as this could trigger a dream of this sort.Menopausal women have been found to dream frequently about teeth loss and in this instance it represents their worries about growing old and losing their femininity.If, on the other hand, you are strolling down the high street completely starkers and nobody bats an eyelid, this means that you needn’t worry so much about things.You might be concerned about making a fool of yourself at an event or messing up at work but everyone ignoring your nakedness suggests that deep down you know that your fears are unfounded and everything will turn out OK. The most obvious and literal translation of such dreams are that you have a fear of being attacked.

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