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Find out more: https:// AS mentioned the freeware FSreal WX is also available and in some ways better than the default FS online, but it still has a number of problems. I ran it, clicked on "Start" button and then ran FSX selecting "user defined weather".Weather data seems to be loaded into FSX in background as I fly. - So what's the function of the other button as "set all WX" ?The log shows the update happening once an hour on the five minute mark. Your periodic trigger tells it to update on the 5th minute of each hour.There's another setting somewhere to say update every x minutes.UPDATED 2: more granular lux calculation based on time of day and weather condition code. I'd like to see the driver do that on it's own but if that's not how it was intended to work I guess this will do in a pinch. Mike My weather is updating but not as often as I wanted.UPDATED: from weather underground to apixu weather aboveground. I used the PERIODIC trigger to update every five minutes.Frequency period in minutes, "sounds" like the scale is in minutes.

Unfortunately, something goes wrong and your Apple Watch is no longer updating the weather app.Depending on your need, you can include or exclude cities from the app on the i OS device. On i Phone X, you need to press and hold both side button and volume up button. On your i Phone 8/8 Plus or earlier i Phones, press and hold the side button. Wait for sometime and then press and hold the side button again to turn on your i Phone. Ensure that My Watch tab is selected if it’s not already. Don’t worry about your data as it’s automatically backed up and you will be able to restore your smartwatch from the previous backup without any hassle. Now, check out the weather app should start working perfectly on your Apple Watch.Besides, the Watch app lets you choose the default city (Watch app → My Watch tab → Weather app) to see its weather in watch face complications. To restart your smartwatch, press and hold the side button. Stay tuned Ten to one, you have finally overcome the barrier.I'm not at home so can't screenshot my rule, but I'll post it when I get home later. Sure the data isn't refreshed that often, but calling every few minutes is well within the limits and ensures that once the data is updated, we get it in HE fairly quickly.I don't see any issues with refreshing every 5 minutes.

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