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You need to truly understand the psyche of a Thai girl in order to have a better chance of finding someone you like.Here are some examples: You will find plenty of these girls in the northern parts of Thailand (Isaan) and if you are looking for a simple, down-to-earth girl that will understand your needs you plan to settle down in Thailand, then these girls may be for you for you.There’s no other place like Thailand that delivers a uniquely classy look while keeping that drop dead beauty!If I had to summarize what women from different parts of the country look like, this is how I’d do it: Women from Northern regions of Thailand are cutest, those from the East are the sexiest, and those from the Central and Southern regions are the hottest.Their hair is the kind of hair you see in commercials from supermodels! Compared to the girls in Thailand, a lot of western girls have very large and plump bodies.It’s just a different gene set (and a lot less Mc Donalds).They go the extra mile to find out what is actually good for their hair or skin.And you’ll definitely notice it the first moment you step out of that aeroplane.

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There are many different types of Thai girls out there as there are many different types of men as well.

The old saying goes that there is someone for everyone and in Thailand that is definitely the case for a single white male.

The reason being, Thai girls tend to favour Western men over all other races including Thai.

You’ll notice how slim and fit their bodies are the moment you lay your eyes on one!

There’s definitely a big difference between a western girl and Thai girl when it comes to their bodies.

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