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The set-aside is premised on inherent biological differences between the sexes.If that basis were eliminated, it’s unclear how the classification would pass muster under standard legal anti-discrimination analysis.I was recruited because I was one of the best under-18 (U18) female half-milers coming out of U. And because my family was poor, I might never have gone to college.My life story would have been altered in innumerable ways.As Donna de Varona of the Women’s Sports Foundation and Brooke-Marciniak of Ernst & Young have explained, “Title IX … Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, in any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance—fortunately for the development of women’s sport, this law also included athletic programs.” My own story is a testament to the power of mandatory set-asides for female sport and to the value they create for girls and women that would not exist otherwise.I was the first female recipient of a full track scholarship to Villanova University in 1978, six years after Title IX passed into law. Because even mediocre boys could and did run faster, had Title IX not forced colleges to create programs and set-aside funds for girls, I wouldn’t have gotten that scholarship.

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These cases all involve “46, XY” disorders, whereby individuals with one X chromosome and one Y chromosome in each cell (a pattern normally typical of males) may have external genitalia that are not distinctively male or female; nevertheless, they have testes which produce bioavailable T in the normal male range.

* * * The goals of elite competitive sport are to identify and showcase the best athletes, to produce economic, political, developmental, and health-related benefits for stakeholders and society, and to foster progressive social and political change.

Sport is widely seen as adding enormous value in each of these respects. The IAAF regulates competition internationally and administers some of its own events for the purpose of establishing the hierarchy of athletes in each specialty. And it parlays those competitions and champions into business opportunities that feed money back into all levels of the sport into political opportunities related to its progressive goals.

Compared to females, males have greater lean body mass (more skeletal muscle and less fat), larger hearts (both in absolute terms and scaled to lean body mass), higher cardiac outputs, larger hemoglobin mass, larger VO2 max (i.e.

a person’s ability to take in oxygen), greater glycogen utilization, and higher anaerobic capacity.

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