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The Commission admitted it couldn’t do anything to stop the rodeo, and the event went on as planned—but the attendance was greatly diminished from previous years: just 12,000, when rodeo organizers had predicted 55,000.Anonymous telephone calls to Reno’s three main television stations warned that snipers were poised to shoot rodeo-goers. The gay community was exhausted from fighting the AIDS epidemic as well as the religious and political backlash.When the SSGRA tried to rent a private arena in Fallon owned by David Lantry, the Churchill County Commission, in a meeting packed with hysterical locals--many of whom carried guns—denied Lantry’s request for a liquor license and Churchill County District Attorney Kevin Pasquale issued an injunction to stop the rodeo.Litigation against the university and the Churchill County Commission was unsuccessful.In 1987 the Comstock Gay Rodeo Association reconstituted itself as the Silver State Gay Rodeo Association [SSGRA], took a seat in the IGRA, and planned the 1988 International Finals Rodeo for Reno on October 21-23.The effort to bring the rodeo back into Reno, however, failed, when the Lawlor Events Center at the University of Nevada, Reno reneged on its contract with the SSGRA, and the rodeo organization was unable to find a friendly venue anywhere else in the region.

In 1985, the International Gay Rodeo Association [IGRA] was founded, and the phenomenon of gay rodeo became a rich part of gay culture in the U. As popularity of the National Reno Gay Rodeo increased, so did conservative backlash in the state.gave away the rodeo association's reservation dates and planned no further business with them.While there was no gay rodeo in Reno in 1985, 1986, or 1987, the IGRA and its many state counterparts held events all over the country: what had died in Reno was flourishing elsewhere.As early as 1980, Christian protestors marched against the parade outside the fairground fence on Wells Avenue. I think they're sick." Daniel Hansen, founder of Nevada’s homophobic Independent American Party, in two letters to the editor, wrote, “The termites of civilization have brazenly oozed out of their closet to proclaim that they have a right to maim, molest and embarrass society ...In 1981, Nevada’s Mormon lieutenant governor, Myron Leavitt, complained that, "They're inviting 7000 queers to come to the northern part of the state for a rodeo. They call them queers because they've got a screw loose. Homosexuality, like all parasites, survives by preying upon the healthy.

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