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Hi all, it’s me, Akie, coming to you from my neck of the woods, Akita.

Wow, are we ever having an unusal spring this year!

Japanese speakers commonly refer to non-Japanese people as gaijin even while they are overseas.

Also, people of Japanese descent native to other countries (especially those countries with large Japanese communities) might also call non-descendants gaijin, as a counterpart to nikkei.

Sapporo will hold the 2017 Asian Winter Games, so you can check out all the venues, and even do a few runs on the prized slopes yourself.

Marvel at the inconceivable snow sculptures in the Snow Festival, and stuff your face with the freshest produce from land and sea.

Gaijin appears frequently in Western literature and pop culture.

It is the title of feature films such as Tizuka Yamazaki's Gaijin – Os Caminhos da Liberdade (1980) and Gaijin – Ama-me Como Sou (2005), as well as animation shorts such as Fumi Inoue's Gaijin (2003).) is composed of gaikoku (foreign country) and jin (person).The Meiji government (1868–1912) introduced and popularized the term, which came to replace ijin, ikokujin and ihōjin.Legend has it that Takachiho is where the gods once landed on earth, and it’s not hard to see why they picked this lush slice of paradise.The roads to Takachiho were damaged during the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake, but buses are back up and running and tourists warmly welcomed.

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