Friend dating my ex etiquette

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With that in mind, the first tip to help new wives and ex-wives get along is: 1. Visualize the type of relationship you want to have. Do you just want to smack her because she makes you so mad?

Then you will continue to resent her and therefore continue to argue. Sounds simple, but it is really the essence of the whole thing.

For the ex-wife (bio mom): Many bio moms complain that they just don't trust the bonus mom's judgment when their kids are in their care. If you are worried about them reconciling, you shouldn't have married him in the first place.

For the ex-wife (bio mom): Some ex-wives are so angry that their ex has found happiness with someone else (when they made them so miserable) that they look for ways to make their ex and his new partner just as miserable.

Try something like, "I really appreciate how kind you are to the kids." 6. To the new wife (bonus mom): When you speak badly of their bio mom you are attacking the children's DNA, their very essence. The kids will tell her and she will continue to be your enemy, be uncooperative, and be more likely to keep your husband in court.

To the ex-wife (bio mom): Children have just as much trouble coping with remarriage as they do with divorce. You dwell on his, you will inevitably become part of it.

Undermining the new wife's relationship with your children will only serve to extend their period of adjustment. ( We can't tell you how many new wives have told us that they just can't get past the fact that their husband had sex with that go.) If you can't get past her being his ex, try referring to her as the children's mother. For the ex-wife (bio mom) : If he's nicer to her than he was to you--it's not necessarily because she's better than you, sexier than you, etc.

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If you try to take over or establish policy, his ex (their bio mom) will resent it, which will cause communication problems between the two of you and anxiety in the children. She's the one to make sure they have regular teeth cleanings, hair cuts, trimmed their toe nails when the kids were little. A good tool to break through to good communication is to compliment Jann Blackstone-Ford, MA and Sharyl Jupe Is it really necessary that a first wife and a second wife get along?Of course not, if you don't care how long it takes for your kids to adjust to life after your divorce and remarriage.We believe very strongly that you are what you think.Dwell on the negative, and that's just what you will get in return.

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