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Still, the necessity to know and understand others is paramount for, as you needed to know how to harm before, now you needed to know how to help.

This necessity is ignored by the next incarnation of the Golden Rule, Positive Golden Rule.

I believe it no doubt is the earliest form, for you can imagine in a primitive world your first desire is to put your fears to rest, and one of the greatest early fears must have been fear of others.

Will my neighbor take my food, my animals, my shelter, my life? Eventually someone realized that their neighbor may be just as fearful of them, so they explained to the neighbor, “look Oog, I won’t fuck with you if you don’t fuck with me” and so it began perhaps, civilization.

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Over time as humanity changed and specialized, this awareness of others had to grow.

A British missionary group was saddened to see tribesmen (I think Trobrianders, but I’m not sure) running around naked so they wrote back to their church and the fine old church ladies in England, with nothing but love and the desire to help in their hearts, knitted and sent wonderful sweaters to these poor, naked wretches in the rainforest.

Not wanting to offend, the tribe accepted and wore the sweaters.

There simply can’t be any respect without understanding and as long as they hold true to a philosophy like this that disregards understanding, they will never respect others.

Let me offer an example I learned while in college.

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