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Since then, we've seen IBM's Watson, Apple’s Siri, Google Now, Amazon’s Alexa, bots for Facebook Messenger and Tay -- all of which have enabled companies to capitalize on the growth of chatbot technology for business purposes.Today, chatbots are available on virtually any social media messaging platform, as well as on websites and in appliances.Siri and Alexa are well-known examples of virtual bots; but you’ve also likely encountered customer-service chatbots in a pop-up chat window on your favorite ecommerce site.(See those three dots and the appearance of someone typing?That's the reason behind this basic guide: to highlight the different types of chatbots, how they work and how you can create your own artificial intelligence (AI)-powered virtual assistant. Chatbots are computer programs capable of conducting conversations by text and auditory communication.Programs simulate how a human conversation would proceed.

These scripts can be very complex or extremely simple, but the choice is up to the creator. Chatbots powered by AI, natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning, on the other hand, have the ability to learn as they communicate.

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A chatbot can be easily created through various means, whether you build the bot yourself using your coding knowledge or hire someone to build it for you.

That's probably a bot.)So, whether you’re making a restaurant reservation for this weekend, scheduling next week's calendar event or sending out personalized promotions to your customers, chatbots can free you from these mundane tasks.

They offer practically unlimited opportunities for better and faster customer service, and for the quick, easy accomplishment of tasks.

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