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Honest question to the OP - is this the tradition on your campus?Are the sweethearts expected to give gifts the fraternity members?That mentorship proves to be important as students who join fraternities and sororities have a 20 percent higher graduation rate than those who don't.

Women are usually expected to visit each sorority in order to meet its members so that sisters in the house can get a feel for their personality and determine if they are a compatible fit.Being from the west coast, I remember thinking how odd/awkward that tradition was [to expect someone to go to all that trouble for a date].So, to be fair to this young lady, this may very well be a major social obligation on her campus.It may not land you the job but it can often get you in the door.Hi y'all, so I'm looking for ideas on basic gifts for the guys for this new semester. Hi y'all, so I'm looking for ideas on basic gifts for the guys for this new semester. This is coming from a fraternity guy: You were selected sweetheart because of your support of the chapter and (probably) you also show the qualities of their brotherhood.

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