For radiocarbon dating

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Therefore, identifying counterfeited artworks by relying solely on the dating of the support material is insufficient to ensure authenticity.

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If possible, conservators sample from existing losses or damages. Interestingly, the resulting age range does not contradict the signed date of 1866, nor does it exclude a later creation date either.

It is only possible nowadays thanks to technological advances of the 21st century that have made the technique viable for application to microsamples.

The case study presented here is a known forgery created by Robert Trotter (b. By his own admission, Trotter conducted 52 sales of his fakes and forgeries from 1981 to 1988 (23).

Here we discuss two microsamples taken from an artwork carrying the date of 1866: a canvas fiber and a paint chip (C analysis.

The initial sample requirement in the method’s early days amounted to tens of grams of material.

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