Finedrive 400 updating procedures

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The cartridge shutter may have one or more locking tabs associated with it.The corresponding disc drive includes a mechanism for opening the door or shutter on the cartridge as the cartridge is pushed into the system. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to data storage systems of the type that include a housing having an opening for receipt of a removable disc cartridge in which an information recording medium is mounted for protection.The magnet attracts the disc hub, thereby holding the disc in a desired position for rotation.The velocity trajectory is calculated such that the carriage assembly will arrive radially and circumferentially at the target position at substantially the same time. Within the housing of a conventional system that uses disc cartridges, a turntable for rotating a disc thereon is typically mounted on the system baseplate.Additionally, a target circumferential velocity may be determined, the rotation of the storage medium may be changed from the initial circumferential velocity to the target circumferential velocity, and the velocity trajectory is further related to the target circumferential velocity. The turntable may comprise a spindle having a magnet upon which a disc hub is mounted for use. Optical data storage systems are becoming an increasingly popular means for meeting this expanding demand. More particularly, it relates to a system for rapidly encoding and writing information onto optical disks in a high density format, and for reading and decoding the information written thereon. Description of the Related Art: Overview The demand for mass data storage continues to increase with expanding use of data processing systems and personal computers.

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Conventional loading and unloading devices vary depending upon the type of disc being used. In this mode, the laser generates a low-intensity laser beam that is again focused on the tracks of the rotating disc. 11, 1993 now abandoned, which is a continuation of U. Subsequently, when the operator desired to reproduce or read the previously recorded information, the laser enters a second operating mode.Alternatively, for purposes of convenience and protection, a disc may be mounted within an enclosure or a cartridge that is itself inserted into the insertion port of the drive and is then conveyed to a predetermined position.These disc cartridges are well known in the computer arts.

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