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For the user to be able to check the checkbox, it needs to be a Template Field.For example: Now this does get the control that is in the Item Template, not the Edit Item Template.if you have an alternative solution to this one then i'm all would be alot easier for me if i'll be using smart tag. @eclipsed4utoo: Then you have not truly delved into Grid Views, grasshopper.This example has the paging functionality enabled for the Grid View control and sets the Command Argument property of the Button control to the appropriate row index.The Row Command event is raised when a button is clicked in the Grid View control.It will not find it, you need to be more specific than that.A very important note, in order to get the control in the Edit Item Template, then the Grid View must be in Edit mode.

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A Visual Studio Web site project with source code is available to accompany this topic: Download.In order to get to the Edit Item Template, you need to first create a Template Field column.Using Template Fields in the Grid View Control eclipsed4utoo was on the right track, as far as how to get to the controls. But since the controls are buried in a Template Field, you cannot just do a find control on the Row.I have a gridview with template field on column 2 and 4. i've also used msgbox to output all column four's control ID and it's returning nothing.I need to get the control (dropdownlist and textbox) on these columns so that I could get their values to update SQL DB. Whois FROM tb_entity INNER JOIN tb_comments ON tb_= tb_comments. I think you're referring to Item template here.

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