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Most Americans see grand people as unappealing, even disgusting.Many go so far as to make rude faces, poke fun, give unprompted advice on diet and exercise. I stand next to the man I love, my grand husband, as people look through him or, worse, chastise him with their eyes.

Billboards aren’t accentuating what to me are the irresistible curves of a grand person.I am in awe of their beauty, which moves me and inspires me in ways I never knew possible.But that, of course, is not “normal” — we aren’t supposed to find fat people beautiful, never mind sexy.It has to do with training: I have been taught to view them as beautiful, to identify and appreciate the aspects of their faces and bodies that earn them the designation “beautiful.” Every single day — and hundreds, if not thousands, of times each day — I am presented with our socially acceptable idea of beauty. It is on television, billboards, magazines, and social media.It hovers over every street, on every bus stop, in every CVS, Rite Aid, Safeway and Starbucks, not to mention every single Facebook, Instagram or web ad delivered right into my pocket. they just aren’t being showcased in the same positive light.

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