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When advisors help facilitate conversations between students and faculty members, they help the institution as a whole.When students feel connected to the campus community, they are more often retained and excel academically, creating a winning situation for everyone.Whenever a teacher is or in the future might reasonably become responsible for teaching, advising, or directly supervising a student, a sexual relationship between them is inappropriate and must be avoided.In addition to creating the potential for coercion, any such relationship jeopardizes the integrity of the educational process by creating a conflict of interest and may impair the learning environment for other students.Students or other members of the community may lodge a formal or informal complaint regarding an alleged violation of this policy with the University Title IX Coordinator, with the Title IX coordinator of their school, or with the University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct.Violations of the above policies by a teacher will normally lead to disciplinary action.Additionally, this policy applies to members of the Yale community who are not teachers as defined above, but have authority over or mentoring relationships with students, including athletic coaches, supervisors of student employees, advisors and directors of student organizations, Residential College Fellows, as well as others who advise, mentor, or evaluate students.Delete all profiles with no picture out of your listing of potential matches straight away.

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“Teachers” includes, but is not limited to, all ladder and non-ladder faculty of the University.Therefore, no teacher shall have a sexual or amorous relationship with any undergraduate student, regardless of whether the teacher currently exercises or expects to have any pedagogical or supervisory responsibilities over that student.Teachers or students with questions about this policy are advised to consult with the University Title IX Coordinator, the Title IX coordinator of their school, the department chair, the appropriate dean, the Provost, or one of their designees.Men do this too, they go for the hotties and complain they don’t get responses. " is a favorite question academic advisors ask their students.

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