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This reptilian often occupies strongly disturbed areas such as farms or livestock breeding and this exposes the animals to be killed because mistaken for dangerous snakes.

The Amphisbaena, monstrous mythological serpent In the ancient times the references to a monstrous and extremely poisonous snake with two heads are quite numerous: after Marcus Annaeus Lucan Perseus, after having cut the head of the Gorgon Medusa, flew over the Libyan desert and from the drops of blood of the monster come to life snakes ….

This family of reptilians belongs to the suborder Amphisbenia (all apodes but the Bipedidae of Mexico), that together with Lacertilia and Serpentes forms the order of the Squamata.This position creates the illusion that it has two heads and if the predator attacks the tail, will be bitten by the true head whilst if attacks the head will be whipped with the tail.The tail can be lost with a form of autotomy as occurs in the lizards, but contrary to the latter, the amphisbaena cannot regenerate it.The nasal scales are bigger and thicker than those of the remainder of the body.The eyes are highly reduced and covered by a translucent scale.

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