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Pivot tables do not automatically update when the source data is changed. When you refresh a pivot table, you are simply asking Excel to update the Pivot Table based on the latest source data. The easiest way to update a pivot table manually is to right-click anywhere in the table and choose "Refresh" from the menu.

This causes Excel to reload the source data and display the latest information in the pivot table.

To fix this, you can change a pivot table setting, so no old data is stored in the pivot cache.

If you try to link to a value cell in a pivot table, a Get Pivot Data formula appears, instead of a simple link.

If necessary, adjust the data source, to include new rows or columns.

NOTE: For a long term solution, use a named Excel table, as a data source.

If you didn’t see your top pivot table annoyance in this list, there are other common problems, and their solutions (in most cases), on the Pivot Table FAQ page on my Contextures website.

NOTE: For macros that help manage the source data, go to the pivot table source data macros page.

For a macro to unpivot the source data, go to the Unpivot Excel Data Macro page In this video, you'll see how to locate the pivot table data source, then check the data source, to make sure it includes all the rows and columns that you need.

For example, if a product wasn’t sold in a specific city, that city doesn’t appear under the product heading.

To keep the layout consistent, you might want to see all the items, in each section.

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