Examples carbon dating used

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This can occur because light travels at roughly 75% its typical speed when in water and beta radiation can, therefore, exceed this speed without breaking the speed of light.

Gamma rays are high frequency, extremely-short-wavelength electromagnetic waves with no mass and no charge.

Even with such intense barriers, some radiation may still get through because of how small the rays are.

Though the least ionising of all the forms of radiation, that doesn't mean Gamma rays aren't dangerous.

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Radiocarbon dating is used to determine the age of once-living tissue, including objects like string, rope, and boats, all of which were made from living tissue.

This means that if we find tissue that has 25% of the amount of carbon-14 found in today’s atmosphere, we can determine the object is 11,460 years old because 25% is half and half again, meaning that the object has experienced two half lives.

There are, of course, limitations and inaccuracies to carbon dating.

They are emitted by a decaying nucleus, that expels the gamma rays in an effort to become more stable as an atom.

Gamma rays have the most energy and can penetrate substances up to a few centimetres of lead or a few metres of concrete.

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