Eve character portrait not updating

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Here is a quick overview of what both sides can expect.

Damage Mitigation - "The biggest blob wins" may be realistic but it's not very fun.

Multiple Undock Points, including separate capital (L Citadel/Fortizar) and super-capital (XL Citadel/Keepstar) undock areas, prevent traffic at busy hubs.

Each citadel has a weekly maintenance period where recalibration is handled.

After I have selected a character portrait and then export, there is no image displaying the portrait on the character sheet.

comment=286 To add: Character Sheet - Export Options comment=413 Character Sheet - Export Options (Addiitonal Sheet Designs) Planned

Incoming damage will be mitigated at certain thresholds based on Citadel size and role.

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The most heavily armored and sought after Citadel of them all, the Palatine Keepstar is the jewel in the crown of any major power in New Eden.

The larger brother of the Astrahus, the Fortizar class Citadel provides even more functionality, and is designed to serve the needs of a medium to large organization.

Providing capital ship docking, service access controls, and protection for nearby friendless, the Fortizar is the next step up from the Astrahus class, and is designed to offer a solid base of operations for most organizations in New Eden as a capital fleet staging point and corporate headquarters.

To allow the new destructible structure to compete with NPC stations, we are introducing a new mechanic to ensure that assets stored within the structure can be retrieved when it is destroyed.

When a Citadel structure has been destroyed, items inside are automatically impounded and saved.

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