Error validating the default for column id newsequentialid

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The first command works fine but the second turns out showing an error message 'error validating the default for column xxxx' That's apparently a bug in sql enterprise manager.

you should be able to ignore the error in sql 2008 and save the table.

a Gap of 2 Guids rolled back and insert into XXX(x) values(1) insert into XXX(x) values(2) insert into XXX(x) values(3) GO insert into XXX(x) values(99999999999999) -- overflow GO insert into XXX(x) values(4) insert into XXX(x) values(5) insert into XXX(x) values(6) go select * from xxx AC613611-CFA3-E111-9E8E-005056C00008 1 AD613611-CFA3-E111-9E8E-005056C00008 2 AE613611-CFA3-E111-9E8E-005056C00008 3 **B0613611-CFA3-E111-9E8E-005056C00008 4** Gap of 1 - overflow failure B1613611-CFA3-E111-9E8E-005056C00008 5 B2613611-CFA3-E111-9E8E-005056C00008 6 NEWSEQUENTIALGUID (as every guid generated in a way that warrant their sequence) includes a part of the Guid calculated via a time stamp.

So if you run the inserts at different time you'll see some gaps.

For example, I have a status field which links to a table with different status values.

Every time a new record is created in the jobs table, I want the status to default to new, which has a guid of 4F1C7212-CC8A-4E92-A4F5-278254185ED9.

first there is not default value in sql server as newsequentialid() it should be newid() instead second may be the rowguid in access dosen't have the same format as of sql server so for the old data if you face problem migrating that .

error validating the default for column id newsequentialid-59error validating the default for column id newsequentialid-18error validating the default for column id newsequentialid-42error validating the default for column id newsequentialid-23

Whenever you insert new record into the table, Identity column will be automatically incremented by 1 or predefined value that you set I put this in VS 2010 column properties of my table, in Default Value or Binding.This is because the NEWID function causes random activity and uses fewer cached data pages.Using NEWSEQUENTIALID also helps to completely fill the data and index pages.I would like to have it set by SQL Server Express automatically.There are articles on the web that recommend using one of the following commands as the default value: NEWID() NEWSEQUENTIALID() I put this in VS 2010 column properties of my table, in Default Value or Binding. Are you trying to increment a column ID sequentially upon new insert?

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