Entitymanager merge not updating database

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Now if the second update method executed with old object, then you will get an Optimistic lock exception.This is the SQL query generated for the second update method. Experts of Java development India have shared their best knowledge about JPA technology and its use in java project.Then follow eithr4 of these two techniques depending on your requirement. For each change they may or may not increase based on persistence provider implementation.

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The lifecycle of entity instances are managed within the persistence context using <? > <persistence xmlns=" xmlns:xsi=" xsi:schema Location=" version="2.0"> <persistence-unit name="com.concretepage"> <description> JPA Demo</description> <provider>org. As this is a very simple example, you can find it easily, but in real time application you will not find this much simple.So whenever you get this exception run the application in debug mode and go to the approximate code snippet where it’s showing then press F5 in debugging and go deep into the entity manager implementation of corresponding persistence provider somewhere else your entity is getting updated.Instead, it uses reflection to get/set data from/to your entity objects. Take the following example, where you find an article with the headline "Hello World" with the ID 1234: In this case the Article is accessed from the entity manager twice, but modified in between.When Doctrine fetches data from DB and saves it back, any code put in your get/set methods won't be implicitly taken into account. Their identity has a conceptual meaning inside your domain. Doctrine 2 realizes this and will only ever give you access to one instance of the Article with ID 1234, no matter how often do you retrieve it from the Entity Manager and even no matter what kind of Query method you are using (find, Repository Finder or DQL).

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