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Their reports have been published; the catalogue alone has 300 pages.

Germany had only been separated from the world since 1933.

Even if he had been aware of this technology, the intellectual climate of his time may have precluded his considering the possibility that these methods were known to the ancient Egyptians.

To what extent are our archaeologists qualified to judge the state of the sciences, techniques, philosophy and knowledge that distinguished, say, the Maya or Khmer civilizations?It may be attitude.” ― “Because of the tendency of engineers to focus more on engineering matters rather than on archaeology, history, or anthropology, they are often accused of stripping artifacts of their cultural context and cherrypicking the evidence.Yet as an engineer, I strongly argue that the engineering context is, in fact, a cultural context in and of itself--one that is less susceptible to ambiguity than the cultural context of mummies and potsherds, which can be added decades or even centuries after a building has been completed.” ― “When we study the past seeking evidence of a highly advanced culture, we should not expect to find objects that we associate with our own culture. This process occurs even over relatively short periods of time, especially when one society is isolated from others.In summarizing the evidence of precision at Giza, he said, 'It's like finding a Porsche where only a wheelbarrow should be.” ― “The knowledge needed to evaluate certain of these ancient artifacts was not available until very recently.Even today there may be numerous articles that we will not understand until we further develop our own technology.

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