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But say i get one little thing factually incorrect, they have to hit the brakes and pull a hard stop.

Its not anything that most people would notice or care about (i recycle jokes/anecdotes).

The mathematician looks at the flame, sees the fire extinguisher, and only states: "A solution exists". I know we have this stigma, and us engineers do tend to be socially challenged.

But please don’t consider all of us are like this, and don’t think that these personality traits are something you just “have to deal with”.

I really think they mean no harm and thats just their personality.

I don't want to contribute malice to what is surely ignorance.

I've noticed when friends have gotten something factually incorrect, but since we are joking around/being goofy i don't stop to give them a lesson.

This is me, and honestly I just don't want to date guys like this.The scenarios you described seem to be of people who are simply boring, bad at conversation and mansplainy.The same way that I have dated more than one engineer who were super funny and didn’t talk like that, I once went out with a designer who did all the same things you described in your post - ruined the conversation to try to explain me simple concepts I already knew about, was unable to be wrong or let go of minor details.Oh boy, I'm getting divorced from an aerospace engineer. Every disagreement we had, he assumed he was right because he was being logical and I was being emotional.If someone rubs you the wrong way, take it seriously because they do not change.

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