Emily dating kasey

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Nora Mc Donald (mom) Lizzie Mc Donald (sister) Dennis Mc Donald (father) George Venturi (step-father) Edwin Venturi (step-brother) Derek Venturi (step-brother) Marti Venturi (step-sister) Simon Mc Donald-Venturi (half-brother) Victoria (cousin) Casey Mc Donald (Ashley Leggat) is the oldest of the Mc Donald kids and the second oldest in the Venturi-Mc Donald family.

She spends most of her days at school worrying about her annoying older step-brother Derek, and stressing about her grades. Once her mother gets remarried, she is forced to move schools and homes to live with her new step-family which would've been easier without Derek.

In Vacation With Derek, Casey's straight A's get her into Queens University.

She plans to double major in English and Economics but drops it to follow her dream of dancing. Casey loves to dance, especially to jazz and hip-hop.

Casey often needs his help, and finds it nice that he's around when she does.

Casey dated Max, the school's football team quarterback.

Same as Derek, she has a soft spot for Marti, which she loves and sees her as her little sister (i.e.Casey starts having dreams of him, but when Truman says she likes him but she denies it until the episode "No more Games" where they agree to date.Though in the episode "Truman's last chance" Casey and Truman go to a party together.Before Casey, he was dating Amy, the head cheerleader. They started dating in the episode "Misadventures in Babysitting".They were a normal couple after Casey gets Max to be more polite.

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