Emerge 2 config files etc need updating procedures for validating an instrument

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It describes how to interactively merge current and new config files, edit new config files, examine differences between files, and more.

, all listed configuration files will be overwritten with the newer versions.

I have followed the handbook closely and haven't deviated from the defaults much except for that I'm using a hardened profile with selinux.

I have emerged genkernel I'm in chroot I've done emerge --sync and reinstalled and genkernel still doesn't work I haven't ran into any other errors while installing Here are some code things that might help: (chroot) new-host-8 / # emerge --ask sys-kernel/genkernel * IMPORTANT: 2 config files in '/etc/portage' need updating.

The tone of the message seems to indicate there is something wrong with my /etc/portage/file. stores the differences between the configuration files as patches or by using the RCS revision system.This means that if someone makes a mistake when updating a config file, the administrator can revert the file to the previous version at any time.[Yes/No] Y Autounmask changes successfully written. * IMPORTANT: 3 config files in '/etc/portage' need updating.(chroot) new-host-8 / # genkernel --menuconfig all bash: genkernel: command not foundgood discussion: https://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-1087600generally when portage complains instead of merging packages, you need to fix the complaints and then repeat the emerge.

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