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Any female who is not following this regular communication pattern, which had been confirmed on thousands of dating sites, has a hidden agenda.

Most likely the only reason letters are written is to earn money.

It is only at that point that I realized the extent of manipulation and abuse happening at paid correspondence websites.

In fact, pay per letter (paid correspondence) structures have no right to call themselves “dating sites”.

Agents countered this system by putting phone numbers of substitute writers in profiles, thus administrators are calling substitutes and not the women in the photos.

Agents require substitutes to switch off video cameras on their computers, so that administrators of the site cannot see who is typing letters.

However, since writers only earn money when the PPL website earns money, the administrators and owners of PPL ventures have no incentive whatsoever to conquer fraud. And for as long as appearances are maintained, PPL sites’ main goal is to make money and not to protect paying customers from abuse.

Some males post photos and names of women that they are in contact with accusing them in scams, which could affect the woman’s other prospects in life.

Nothing has changed in the last 2 years, except for the ways how agents mask their money-grabbing schemes. The names of companies, phone numbers, email addresses — all details are accessible on job portals.

These companies are officially registered — otherwise they wouldn’t be able to have a bank account and place recruitment ads online. Vacancy by a scam PPL agent seeking women to work from their own profiles.

The contents of communication are self-explanatory. Letters from women that are overly sweet, young girls initiating contact with men 30-40 years older are not in the reality of dating. In recent months advertisements on job websites (agents openly publicize vacancies to hire substitutes for “dating chats”) feature more offers directed at females who are prepared to communicate from their own profiles, in exchange for a share of commissions, as opposed to seeking substitute writers.

The ads on Ukrainian job websites offer 50% commissions to women who are prepared to use their own photos in paid dating chats with foreign men.

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