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Much research has been carried out on the development of single types of the objects placed in Roman tombs, such as the mummy portraits.

By contrast the development of the arrangement of the burial goods as a whole has not yet been fully researched.

But to admit atheism is to invite not just arrest but a threat to one’s life.

In a speech this month honoring the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday, Mr.

However, there are only a few hieroglyphic inscriptions.

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For those who don’t genuflect to the official order, a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in Egypt long provided cover.

In 2012, a 27-year-old blogger, Alber Saber, received a three-year sentence on charges of blasphemy for creating a web page called “Egyptian Atheists.” In 2013, the writer and human rights activist Karam Saber (no relation) was convicted of defaming religion in his short story collection “Where Is God?

”Similar charges have been used for political purposes against Egypt’s Christian minority.

The student’s lawyer complained that he was denied the right even to present a defense, but an equally chilling aspect of Mr.

Banna’s case is that his father testified against him. Banna was originally arrested, in November, when he went to the police to complain that his neighbors were harassing him.

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